“Corinda is an exceptional individual, always cordial, very helpful, endeavored to answer all our questions timely. Her personality is very lively, she is filled with enthusiasm. Professionally, she is above board--excellent. She was instrumental in accomplishing the goal we set out to do in selling our house and purchasing a new home. She smoothed the way for us and minimized our difficulties, emotionally and financially. Walter and I have great peace of mind in our move. Corinda is an exemplary person and real estate agent.”

            - Walter & Flora


“I would rank Corinda Wong among the top real estate agents I have ever met.  She found properties that met our wants and needs, advised us well and forthrightly at a time when the real estate market was fluctuating wildly, and went way above and beyond to respond to the special challenges we faces of buying a house in Hawaii while we w

“Corinda was very patient with me and easy to work with.  Also very professional.”

            - Alan


“Corinda did an excellent job in handling the sale of our home from start to finish.  We felt very comfortable and appreciated her expertise.”

            - C. Young


“Corinda provided professional and courteous client service to my family.  Because of Corinda the entire process went surprisingly quick because she knew exactly what needed to be done and did it with a positive attitude, tremendous knowledge, valuable advice and true professional integrity.  Without hesitation I will definitely call Corinda again if the need arises and I am definitely recommending Corinda to all my friends and colleagues who want to sell or purchase real estate.”

            - Lisa  


“Working with Corinda Wong was an extremely pleasurable experience during a very stressful time for me. She handled everything with such grace and with a calm attitude that was contagious easing my worries. She really had my back through this entire process and became a good friend.”

            - Nicole


“I cannot fully express the gratitude I have towards Corinda Wong for her interest and professionalism she displayed in selling my home. I thank her and Prudential for their help.”

            - Dolores


“I think Mrs. Corinda Wong is by far the most courteous, professional, and thorough Real Estate agent in the entire state of Hawaii. Corinda has been my preferred agent in Hawaii since 2003. To give you a brief background as to why my opinion holds extreme merit; I have bought and sold multiple properties with Corinda. Now I would like you to keep in mind after the first transaction I had the option of using another agent, as well as another agency. I chose to work worth Corinda because without a doubt I know she has my best interests in mind. She cares about her clients. In today's competitive market with all the options investors have to choose from in regards to agents in Hawaii, it should speak volumes to you that I have had repeat business transactions with Corinda. I truly trust her technical and market expertise. Lastly, and most important, as I make (possible) plans to return to Oahu for my follow on assignment, I will not even consider working with anyone else but Mrs. Corinda Wong!”

            - Anthony


 “One cannot say enough about Corinda and all that she has done for my family. She was very professional and yet very thoughtful with sale of our family home after the very recent death of my mother. Corinda got the best possible price for our home with some very helpful suggestions in improving the value of her home/property. I was totally amazed at the results of improvements and also the very valuable outcome of the sale.”

            - Guy


“Corinda is the best real estate professional I have ever encountered.”

            - Tanya and Jamie


 “First and foremost I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Corinda Wong for her YEARS of quality advice and counsel. She is by far the best Real Estate Agent I have ever worked with. The fact is this; if I am ever fortunate enough to live in Hawaii again, there is not another agent or company I would consider using. Bravo to Corinda for all her hard work!”

            - Anthony


 “Corinda was very responsive, helpful and professional in providing us with guidance towards our real estate goals. With her help we were able to accomplish a 1031 exchange transaction. We are very satisfied.”

            - Gary


“I feel like she is the best realtor around! She listens to what you want and helps make the transaction smooth and stress-free!”

“The team was awesome!!!”

            - Ari & Angie


“Corinda and her team were very helpful, professional, hard-working, and responsive to our needs. She was very organized, met/communicated with us on a regular basis, and the sales results exceeded our expectations due to her marketing expertise and efforts.”

            - Alvin & Marleen


“Corinda was wonderful. She went above and beyond to make sure we got the house we wanted and did everything in her power to close escrow quickly so we would have a place to stay when our hotel reservation expired. She was more than we ever hoped for. Will use Corinda in the future and definitely recommend.”

            - Michael & Jennifer


“Corinda and her team were just great. She was very accurate in determining the amount of renovation needed to obtain the desired price. Also, our home sold very quickly, which was important to us.”

            - Orlando & Dana


“Facing a move? Need to downsize? Going to the other side of the island or to the Mainland?

We just faced the challenge of selling our beloved home. Moving from Hawaii after 40 years, could have been a totally overwhelming experience, if it were not for Corinda Wong.

After interviewing several realtors, it was a very easy decision to turn our trust and home over Corinda.

Corinda was totally focused on looking out for us, through all aspects of the house selling process. She covered all the bases, from the beginning, until the day we sat down to sign the escrow papers. Whatever challenge, great or small, she handled it, without creating any additional drama. And with a cheerful, smiling tone, I might add.

Yes, she is professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, but she brought to the table, much, much more!

Prudential Locations is an exceptional company, especially the professional's professional Corinda Wong.”

            - Jim & Marilyn


“Corinda is agile, intelligent, highly communicative when it counts, funny and competent.  A trusted agent and fiduciary, she fights for her clients and provides honest outlooks.  Period!”

            - Jamie


“It has been a true pleasure working with such seasoned professionals.  Please know that Janet and I are very pleased with the service, attention, and smiles the team provided every step along the way.  The highest ratings across the board for a smooth process, valued service, quality results, and exceptional people who made it all happen.”

            - Skip


"Locations LLC, specifically in the persons of Corinda Wong, Lauren Bell, and Ray Smith, gave me more real help than I had expected in preparing the house and property for sale."

            - Roger


"I've now had the good fortune three times in having Corinda Wong assist me in buying and selling homes. Her thoroughness and attention to detail has brought me top dollar on both my properties. She's a joy to work with."

            - Suzanne

"We were so happy to have the opportunity to work with Corinda because she had come so highly recommended by many of our friends. Corinda was extremely professional, helpful, and genuinely interested in helping us find the right home. She took the time to understand our needs and what we were looking for in a new home, and also shared creative ideas that may help us. As a first time home buyer, Corinda was an invaluable source of knowledge and she truly went beyond our expectations. We always felt that she had our best interest in mind. Additionally, our work schedules were very difficult to accommodate, yet Corinda always found a way to make sure that we were able to see properties right away. We had such a wonderful experience with Corinda and have already recommended her to several of our friends."

             - Sunny & Pablo


"Great attention and responsiveness from Corinda and her team. Corinda made the process easy for us, went above and beyond, and is a MASTER at closing! Will be in touch if we purchase again."

              - Alissa


"Corinda Wong and her team at Locations LLC went above and beyond to secure property I wanted. They made the process smooth and easy while taking care of difficult situations behind the scenes. I was lucky to have Corinda and Locations LLC represent me."

               - John


"A big Mahalo to Corinda Wong and her team in assisting in the sale of our Dad's home recently. Her expert knowledge in all phases of the real estate market from the beginning to the end made this a very positive experience for everyone involved. In addition to her real estate expertise, everything transitioned smoothly and quickly because she and her staff are extremely organized and efficient. We appreciate how accommodating and gracious Corinda was as she assisted us in the selling of our family home and there is no doubt that we would use her as an agent again. Our Dad is really happy and more than satisfied with the final outcome and now looks forward to enjoying his Golden Years in comfort and bliss."

             - Harold


"Having worked with Corinda before, I already had high expectations. She has SURPASSED THEM ALL! She is obviously an experienced realtor. However, her experience as a people person is what makes her exceptional. She and Lauren were able to meet an aggressive timeline, managing variables that were outside of their responsibilities. Every concern and question was met with the same professional courtesy, never leaving anyone feeling that their concerns were not as important as others. Both Corinda and Lauren insist that everything they did was just part of their job. I say they are exceptional real estate professionals and consider myself lucky to have worked with them."

              - Spencer

"My experience working with Corinda, Ray, and Lauren has been extremely positive. They have been very professional and supportive not only in helping me to market my house but also in helping me to find my new residence. I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home or are in the market for a new one."

             - Gary


"Corinda and her team went well above and beyond my expectations and I cannot thank them enough for all the additional help they provided in prepping the home. Thank you!"

           - Todd & Sarah


"Corinda and her staff supported the process to get the house sold. They assisted in helping to get the house ready to sell which was very helpful for us since we are time strapped working and trying to ready the property."

            - Floyd



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